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Oh yes, themes done!

Character: Maito Gai
Song: I Am (All Of Me) - Crush 40
Icon Batch: 3/30
Total Icons: 15/30

01 - Eyes02 - Expression03 - Love04 - Dark05 - Light
06 - Anger07 - Joy08 - Elegance09 - Funny10 - Sad
11 - Friendship12 - Warrior13 - Determination14 - Loyalty15 - Hateful
16 - Artist's Choice17 - Artist's Choice18 - Artist's Choice19 - Artist's Choice20 - Artist's Choice
21 - Artist's Choice22 - Artist's Choice23 - Artist's Choice24 - Artist's Choice25 - Artist's Choice
26 - Artist's Choice27 - Artist's Choice28 - Artist's Choice29 - Artist's Choice30 - Artist's Choice

Lyrics: Crush 40 - I Am (All Of Me)
03: Spy Glass (Border brush)
10: Amnesia

Gradients: Enchanted Illusions
02, 13: until my dying day
10: Tre-xture

01: Slightly edited lyric. Original - I see no, hear no evil.
05: Text is actually there, it's as a pattern and says "Black writing on the wall" - A lil' juxtaposition for ya! ;-)
09: To be honest, I'm not really sure if that hits the criteria, so if you come back and it's been moved to AC's, that's why.
12: Text - "Brave-hearted hero"

01. Credit is good
02. Hotlinking is not
03. Comments and Constructive Criticism are good
04. Flaming is not

Icon Maker's Notes:
xposted to rosetinticons you can credit with either that or csc_lupisstone.
No-one appreciates how little love Gai/Guy gets! It is a nightmare to find images for him! *headfloor*
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Oh yes. The man deserves love. He is just made of awesome.
These icons are awesome! I love #9. Gai is completely made of win.
That icon literally killed me. It just wouldn't work for aaaaaaages.

*is dead from laughing at your icon* That is just...wow.
Aw! Well it came out awesome so it was all worth it in the end.

XD Isn't it? I can never get enough of it.
There is never enough Gai icons in the world! :D

however,what actually drew me to your post is when you said 'proper chuffed' I just knew you'd be from Newcastle after saying that! Geordie too? *stares* *_____*

finding another Naruto fan in the north east has totally made my day..night..early morning~
Yes! ^__^ Completely Newcastle! *has also had day made* I never find Manga or anime fans in Newcastle, let alone Naruto fans. Thank God for the power of Yaoi conversion. *laughs evilly*
*totally lives in a village 20 minutes from Middelsbrough*
Like teh whoa... The North-East has Naruto fans, thus = it rocks! Well, when it's not raining, and being generally soggy...